A Remarkable Opportunity To Earn An Income From Home!

November 1st, 2016

My Story

Lilla Rose was really the business that showed us the beauty and potential of running a family home business.

I first saw the flexi clip at a homeschool convention over four years ago, and was very intrigued! I tried one on and was immediately hooked! I had never before been able to find anything that would hold up all my thick hair, or look good doing so…barrettes would either not fit, or pop out at inopportune times, and the claw was just this big, gaudy piece of cheap plastic. So I was amazed at how this simple hairclip could be so beautiful and classy, yet work so well!

girls headbands websiteThat summer, I lost my flexi clip when I went camping, and I was devastated! I couldn’t live without it! So I searched online to find a replacement…when talking with the company, I found that I could sell them, and I thought, “Why not?...If I love them so much, surely other ladies will as well!” It seemed like a no-brainer!

Around the same time, I found out that friends of ours were adopting! I was so excited for them, and wanted to help them…Lilla Rose seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so! I had also read that a favorite blog of mine was going to start accepting advertisers, so it seemed like a perfect combination...a Lilla Rose adoption fundraiser on a lovely blog! I think I stayed up pretty late that night, waiting for the post to go live. That was the first time that Lilla Rose had been featured online, and it has ended up being a great way to spread the word about an amazing product that helps so many busy moms and their daughters save time on their hair without looking frumpy…they can finally have beautiful hair in seconds!  (And I was right…other ladies DO love the flexi, just as much as I!)

Lilla Rose has become an amazing gift to our family, not only in providing a full-time income and means of working together (my husband and all of our children help out in the business as well!) but in all the wonderful people we have met along the journey!  There is no other business out there that can compare to the camaraderie of the lovely Lilla Rose consultants!    ~Paula Ramm

A great product to build your first family business around!


The flexi is a great product to sell, as not only is it beautiful, durable, and practical, but there is no other product out there like it. It is one-of-a-kind, so you can only buy it through Lilla Rose stylists…you can’t get anything even remotely similar at Walmart, Amazon, or anywhere else. And as Lilla Rose is only 8 years old, there is still very little competition, with literally millions of ladies out there who’ve never even heard of a flexi clip!  Not quite sure what a flexi clip is yourself?  Click here to find out why so many ladies can't live without it!

The consultant opportunity is extremely flexible with absolutely no pressure-- since there are no minimums or quotas to meet, you can do as little or as much with your business as you’d like. We all go through different seasons in life where we can do more or less, and with Lilla Rose, you have the flexibility to work with how it fits you and your family in the season you are in.

I'm sure you still have many questions regarding this opportunity, so below I have posted some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this the same product as the Flexi8?

Yes! It is the same product and same company. Flexi8 was patented in the 90’s, but was opened up to marketing by independent consultants Dec.8, 2008 and given the name Lilla Rose.


How fast is shipping?

Very fast! Most customers receive their orders in 3-5 days.


Do these come with a guarantee?

Yes! There is a one-year guarantee on all Lilla Rose products against breakage or defects.


What if my customer orders the wrong size?

They can easily have it exchanged within 90 days by contacting customer service.


Is there a monthly or yearly fee to remain a consultant?


star fish flexi

Is there a minimum amount you need to sell in order to remain a consultant, or to be eligible for the 30% discount, or the 30% commission on your sales?

The only minimum you need to sell is $29 per year. This includes any that you purchase for yourself or as gifts, so it is very easy to meet!   In fact, many people sign up just to be able to buy flexi’s for themselves or as gifts at a discount. There’s never any pressure to “sell.”


Does this work on baby fine hair?

Yes!  It will stay put, and not slide out, as long as you are using one that is not too big.


Does this work on extremely thick, curly hair?

Absolutely! It grabs and holds thick, curly hair securely without popping out or giving  you a headache!


Do I have to carry inventory and ship product?

No! You will receive your own FREE replicated website, to take online orders, which are fulfilled by Lilla Rose. However, if you are planning to sell at shows and in person, you would need inventory.


Is there a fee for my personal website?

No! It’s absolutely FREE!


How soon will my website be ready for business? 

Immediately after signing up!


How long will it take to receive my enrollment kit?  

About one week.


How much do I earn on my orders per month?

$0-$199      30%

$200-$500  35%

$501-$999   40%

$1000+        45%


How much do I earn on the orders of people I enroll?



Do I need to sell a minimum per month to receive bonuses off my downline*?

happy E & KYes, $200 wholesale.

*Your downline is the people that you enroll, and that they enroll, etc. To receive a percentage bonus of THEIR sales, you must meet the $200 minimum that month. If you do not have a downline, then this minimum does not apply to you. You do NOT ever need to sell a minimum to receive your 30% commission on YOUR sales, no matter how small!


When do I get paid?

If you place an order yourself on your own website (after logging in--called your back office) your 30% discount will automatically be reflected, so you will receive that right away.

If a customer places an order on your website, then your earnings are calculated at the end of the month, and you will receive your commission the following week.


Which kit should I buy?

Which kit you start with depends on how you plan to sell Lilla Rose. If you are planning to sell to personal friends, through home parties, or online, then the $49.95 Party Kit is perfect for you.  You will receive 5 sample clips (styles chosen for you) with a total value of $73.00, so you are basically getting a great deal on clips, and the business opportunity for free!

If you plan on selling at craft fairs, homeschool conventions, farmer’s markets, etc., then you might consider the $99.95 Show Kit which includes equipment and materials for display. This is a good option for those who want everything they need all in one kit, without having to shop around for them.  If you like to be creative, and design your own displays (such as using vintage picture frames, shutters, or spinning cake stands for display racks, etc.) and use your own table coverings, etc., then a better option for you might be to go with the Party Kit. You will save some money, and receive the 5 sample flexi's as well. You can always buy the individual show items you need later in your back office. We have a wonderful group of ladies on our team who love to help each other and share pics and advice, so you will not be alone in thinking up creative ideas to use in your business!

If you plan on doing shows, you will also benefit most from the incredible add-on Fast Start Pack, which includes over $1,100 worth of product for only $500. This will give you the best discount, at 55%, so you can begin making a great profit right away. (Please note that the Show Kit does not contain the 5 sample flexi-clips that the Party Kit includes…The Show Kit assumes that you will need a larger inventory to display, so you will be buying inventory or the Fast Start Kit along with it.)

If you are not planning on doing shows right away, but think it might be an option for the future, you may want to just buy the Party Kit to start with; you can always purchase the extra show supplies separately from your back office later, when you need them.

The Fast Start Pack also qualifies you to receive 40% of the first order of those you enroll (rather than 10%.) This means if you sign up someone who also buys the Fast Start Pack, then you will receive $200 from them! Sign up three friends, and your kit is paid for!

Another great benefit of the Fast Start Pack is that you will be able to purchase additional inventory at the highest discount for at least the next 30 days. This also means that if your customers buy through your website within your first month, you will receive the highest commission rate, 45%, from their orders!
I highly recommend the Fast Start…I can’t tell you how many ladies kicked themselves later for not enrolling with that option!


Can I choose which flexi's come in my Party Kit or Fast Start Kit?

No, they are chosen for you. The Party Kit contains one of each of the most popular sizes, from mini up through large.


What if I am unable to sell all my inventory?

You can buy with confidence, because Lilla Rose will buy back all your unsold inventory within a year, minus a 10% restocking fee, if by some chance you are unable to sell it.


What type of support do you offer?

Lilla Rose offers many helpful online/phone training meetings to get you off to a great start and keep you going. You can also access training videos, the consultant manual, and all past newsletters in your back office.  Our team also has a multitude of training documents, with helpful info on hosting parties, selling at shows, and selling online. Your sponsor is also always there to answer any questions you may have! My absolute favorite supports, however, are our incredible groups on Facebook for the ladies on our team, and the forum we have in the members-area of this website. They are great places to meet other consultants, and share advice, pics, tips, and encouragement, so you are never doing this alone!

Erin is so happy

Even more helpful info!

John Dorsey, the founder of Lilla Rose and inventor of the flexi clip, has a very helpful video introduction to the business opportunity.

Have more questions? Please contact me with any at all that you might have!

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